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our story

Rankos' Stadium Pharmacy has a long history of serving Tacoma families dating back to the 1920's. Before moving to its current location in the late 1930's, Rankos had homes on Pacific Avenue and near St. Joseph Hospital. In the early days during the 40's and 50's, Rankos had a soda fountain and served green rivers and banana splits. Stadium Alumni tell stories of drinking cherry cokes and jamming to the jukebox after school.

Rankos fired up the legendary Rx sign after 40 years of darkness in 2010. The chasing lights sign adds sparkle to the night of Tacoma's North End and is reminiscent of days gone by. Our history lives today in our museum of pharmacy memorabilia, historic photos, wooden photo booth, and old-time friendliness.

our TEAM

the rankos family

Greg Rankos, RPh - Managing Pharmacist

Son of the founder, George Rankos, Greg is a graduate of Washington State University. His excellent clinical knowledge, commitment to community and quality services have built the business to what it is today. Come in and say hello today!

Deanna Crews-Rankos, PhD

Deanna is the buyer of the pharmacy's award winning gift and sundries sections. After 32 years of public service in research and planning, Deanna now enjoys the creative aspects of working in the pharmacy. Everyone raves about Deanna's exceptional eye for unique, perfect gifts!

Liz Rankos, PharmD - Pharmacist/Pharmacy Manager

Liz brings a wealth of intelligence, knowledge, energy, and commitment and is the general manager of the pharmacy. She is skilled communicator and is committed to helping customers and the community. She is the third generation pharmacist to graduate from WSU and practice at Rankos' Pharmacy.

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